First impression = Best impression

We all know the golden rule of that magical (and very precious) first 10 seconds we have to impress someone - or not - therefore it's super important to take a moment and talk about that dreaded subject: your headshot online.
When you go to a job interview or a business meeting you put our best suit on, spend a little extra time in front the mirror just to make sure you are really well put together and can give the best impression possible in that first 10 seconds.

While it's still important to put your best self forward when you meet someone in person the first time, it all starts before the handshake.

More often than not the person who you'll meet have had his/her first impression about you online already. No it isn't called stalking. It's just being prepared.
We are all being checked out via our social media profiles because it gives the person who we are meeting the opportunity to feel more prepared and I bet you don't want to give a totally different impression online than in person, do you?

While it's fun to take selfies - and most of us worked out the best angles for ourselves - your smiling holiday snap is probably not the best to introduce yourself with when trying to build professional relationships or getting a new job.

If you've already got your nice, professional headshot on LinkedIn, you are ahead of the game, but make sure that the photo you are using isn't from 5 years ago when not only your hairstyle but most probably your fashion taste was a little different.

Updating your professional image is crucial if you want to be taken seriously in any industry.
And nowadays people want to get a glimpse of who you are not just what you look like so getting a professional head shot that shows not only your looks but your personality as well is more important than ever.

Below 2 images of the same girl taken only 18 months apart. Her clients actually pointed it out to her that she looks nothing like her LinkedIn image or her profile picture on her company's team page so we've got her a new head shot quickly :)

If you want to feel like a million dollar before your next job interview, business meeting or casting and you feel your online profile image isn't really cutting it - invest in yourself and book a professional photographer.

I promise you it will be worthwhile!

STUDIO Lights, Camera Action

So why do I prefer working with studio lights over natural light?

Because I'm a control freak.

I've been introduced to strobes in 2000 when I started working as a real estate photographer. And I was terrified. I thought to myself; here's the perfect recipe for me to mess up everything for the retouching team and having to call the client for a re-shoot. And because I was so freaked out the first time I had to shoot with the studio lights, I did get totally confused and kind of messed it up (but thankfully not as much as I would have had to go back and do the job again)

Over the years I've learnt to absolutely love these monsters because I took the time to push through the terrifying stage and learn to utilize them to my advantage.

Every now and again I get asked to shoot in natural light, outdoors, and most often than not it happens to be scheduled for the worse time of the day: MIDDAY! Instead of freaking out, I now grab someone to take with me to the location where I'll be shooting and test the light, position of the subject and camera settings so the next day when I'm there with a paying client I know already what I'm doing. Happy to report, I've gotten much better!

The Headshot Co

Will I change my style now and offer shoots outdoors? I don't think so.

I believe that what I can create with a studio light set up is much better quality work and helps my clients to really stand out with their social media profiles. :)

But I do believe in the saying: Never stop learning, never stop growing! (No matter what you do in life)